Date Night

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1 Gal and 1 Guy visit 5 Guys for dinner. The rest of the girls were at a lesson so I took Kayla out for dinner to a place that nobody likes. Kayla doesn’t complain. In fact, she loved it! She ate the adult sized hot dog all herself. She loved the big bag of fries and said “wow wow wow” when I split open the bag on the table. She munched down and was even caught dancing to some classic rock playing on the loudspeakers. Afterward, I took her over to the piercing/tattoo parlor where we picked out some new hardware. Good times.

Date Night
  • Nana

    Hmmm….hardware for you or her?

    • She wanted a tattoo but I said no. She was walking around starring at this guy getting his arm done. Pointing and grunting at it as to say “me next”.