Leadville Firecracker 5K 2016

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Distance 3.11 miles Time 41:19 Pace Hers! Rank 156th GPS Analysis Strava FIRST RACE! “So anybody want to race 5k in the morning?”, I asked. Harmless question. Sydney said, “Yes!”. Reagan said, “OK, I want to beat Sydney“. Kayla pops out, “Me too!”. What? You are 6! You can run 3.1 miles at 10,000 feet. But I didn’t tell her … Read More


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Without much warning, I put Kayla in a tube and pushed her down the hill. Weeeeeeeeee! I didn’t get the Mom Seal of Approval on that move but oh well. Nobody died. After a few times down by herself, Kayla went with Mom, then Syd, then Reagan. Then started falling asleep in Mom’s arms at the top of the hill. … Read More

Me Too

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We entertained some friends in Leadville this weekend. They were going to be skiing all week so we opted for a different snowy downhill adventure: sledding! The weather was perfect. It wasn’t snowing. Finally. Sledding is usually no good when there is fresh powder because the hill gets built up with the fresh snow and you just push it down … Read More