With Mom

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Sydney and Reagan always had to nap on top of Kim. However, Kayla does not require this. She prefers her bed. Good new for Kim — freedom during naps! But I caught Kim trying to cuddle up with her anyway.

No More Cord

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Kayla lost her belly button! And we can’t find it. This probably means a cat found it and started eating it. With the loss of the belly button, it is now safe for real baths. So Mom got right to it. Contrary to the photo, she mostly enjoyed it. Watch along as Reagan narrates the action. Bath Time from Brandon … Read More

Watch Me Sleep

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Kayla had her first babysitter today! While Kim and I had to take the kids to Back to School night, Nana stepped in and watched Kayla for a few hours. Kayla even downed a whole bottle as a substitute for momma. For the rest of the visit, Kayla mostly slept. That’s what you do when you are just days old … Read More