First Bath

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Kayla had her first sponge bath at home today. These continue every few days until the cord drops off. She didn’t like it so much. Back covered up. Ahhh. Sister, they did this to me too. It gets better.

Meet The Fullers

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My parents had the distinct honor of dropping everything they were doing and buying overpriced last minute plane tickets to come see their 3rd grandchild, Kayla. They are staying for about a week and have been great at helping us finish various projects around the house and entertain Kayla’s siblings. Things are *almost* normal with their help. Fullers Meet Kayla … Read More


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Being this is our 3rd child, we opted to stay in the hospital for just one night. Kim wasn’t sleeping well in the hospital bed and the baby was doing great so it seemed like the right move. Kayla spent the morning sleeping and eating. I was excited to hang out with her in my fold-out couch. Babies are the … Read More

Night One Complete

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After getting the girls back to our neighbors, I ran errands and got a few things together and came back to the hospital. I rented a DVD for us to watch but Kim and I were drifting the entire time through it. Plus, there are the constant interruptions from the staff seeing how things are going. Probably will miss the … Read More