My Life So Far

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I don’t give my Mommy too much time to herself these days so the blog entries have been severely lacking. What can I say, I don’t like being anywhere but in her arms so anything else can just wait in line. But, Mommy has been tricking me into taking little kitten naps in my bounce chair lately so let’s see if she can get a few photos from the last few weeks posted for you Grandma’s, Grandpa’s and other loyal followers.

Here’s the beauty shot. What else can I say…


Here is my first and only captured smile so far. Smiles are becoming more often now so maybe Mommy can capture a few more on film for you guys.


This is me sitting in my big sister’s chair while Mom and Dad get the big girls ready for bed. So far I really like this chair. I can sit upright and stare at the different lights. Did I ever mention how much I love staring at lights. They are mesmerizing to me.


Mommy has decided its much easier to give me a bath with her in the big tub instead of that slippery baby tub. I tend to slide down a lot in the other tub. What’s not to love about this new idea. I get to be held by Mommy in warm cozy water. Its one of my favorite times of the day. Mommy lowers me into the water and I immediately go into this trance as seen here.


Another beauty shot! This is me sitting in my bouncey chair. Previously this chair was very hated. Now I can be persuaded to take small naps in here. But, only if it is really quiet.


This is me sitting up in the corner of the couch. I am starting to like sitting up more on my own. That is until I realize that my Mommy isn’t holding me.


Another close-up shot.


This is me and my big sister Reagan. Since Syd is in first grade now I spend a lot of my day with Reagan. She absolutely adores me. If I’m awake you will find my sister Reagan ALL OVER ME…


I do tend to cry the second my Mommy puts me down. She has found it quite hard to get any bit of housework done. I think she is okay with that for now since she loves me so much but the other house members tend to get mad when there is no clean laundry. So Mommy has found it necessary to sometimes throw me in with the dirty laundry at times. This tends to be okay with me since I can still see her and I know its only for a few minutes. Still, Mommy thinks it is hilarious.


This is me taking a little nap in the downstairs pack-n-play. I think this worked for maybe 10 minutes before I realized my Mom was gone. But, she was thankful for the brief separation.


This is a picture of what I look like when my Mommy is not holding me…


And finally, Reagan needed a family picture for her school project last week. Since we had none containing me we had to take a spur of the moment family picture. Here is a picture of the new and improved Fuller family.


Hope you enjoyed my pictures. Love, Kayla