Two Month Check-up

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Kayla had her first visit back to the doctor today since being born. I guess the doctor figures we’ve got things under control now with the third child so she didn’t have to come in as many times as the first two kids. The vaccinations started today so poor Kayla didn’t enjoy the visit so much. So I took a … Read More

Kayla Meets Papa

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Since Papa Hakes is unable to make the trip out to Colorado we made the last minute decision to come to Fort Wayne for the big introductions. With Kayla approaching two months old I figured she was old enough for the flight to Fort Wayne. I made the call to tell Papa we were on our way and he was … Read More

In My Own Room

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Kayla slept most of the night in her own room — in her crib! She hadn’t been sleeping well in our room in the bassinet any longer. Getting too big for it. So we gave it a shot in her room and it took. Still not out of the woods yet because she needs to eat before the sun rises. … Read More