Right Side Up

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Kayla first rolled from her belly to her back over our trip to Indiana. Nobody but Kim and I saw it and I didn’t get any video. We tried again several times since then but it was almost like Kayla said, “Hey, if you don’t want to record this, then I won’t do it again.” Well, she forgot and was … Read More

Piano Lessons

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Mommy is trying to make me learn to sit up on my own. Though I much prefer to just throw myself backwards onto my head. So she props me up in the boppy with extra pillow support. Lately, she has even been forcing me to practice my piano skills. Although, I have to admit it is pretty fun to bang … Read More

Camp Hummingbird

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We returned to Camp Hummingbird this weekend. Kayla was in utero last time we visited so this time she finally got to look around and see what this place had to offer. While everyone was eating dinner, Kayla hung out in her playpen. When we look over she is constantly on her side but hasn’t taken that final step to … Read More