Oahu – Day 1

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Given the constraints of the older siblings, Kayla’s vacation schedule revolved around Spring Break. We were not so keen on taking a baby out of the country so we went as far south as we can within the United States — Hawaii! Waikiki Beach to be exact. What a great place for a baby to get her beach introduction. It … Read More

Feed Me

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She now eats Cheerios. Well, sort of. She throws a lot of Cheerios on the floor and then we walk on them and smash them into dust. But she gets a few down and generally makes us nervous that she is going to choke to death.

Sitting Up!

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We had a beautiful spring day today so us girls decided to have a picnic lunch in the front yard. My sisters took the opportunity to show off their bike riding skills to me. Not to be outdone, I decided to show off myself and just sit there, all by myself. I think the slope in the yard may have … Read More