Diaper Time

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It was warm out today so Mom let me spend some quality time naked. Well, almost naked. You don’t wanna see what I could do without this diaper thing on. Especially now that I am eating baby food. I mean half the time my duties leap the ole diaper and right up my back anyway. I know — TMI! Anyway, … Read More

Six Months Old

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Kayla turned six months old, about a month ago, so we had her picture taken again for our hall of babies. As you can tell we have been on a bit of a hiatus on posts lately. The third child always gets jilted. But actually it was because my ability to post pictures online was broken for a bit. So … Read More

Sitting Up

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I’ve been getting much better at this sitting up thing. Mommy still puts me in this boppy if she is not right next to me. Something about how she still blames Reagan’s goofiness on her numerous head hits to this hard granite floor. Anyway, I can keep myself upright until I see a toy I really want and then I’m … Read More