RV Trip – Lake City

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Daddy had a couple races within a week of each other this summer and he wanted the family to tag along for the ride. We thought about how horrible it would be to drive for hours with three kids smashed into the back of the Hummer. Then came the brilliant idea to rent a RV for the trip. The kids could stretch out in the RV while we drove. No packing and unpacking at hotels. Have our house at our disposal at all times. And get the chance to visit some new and old favorite Colorado locations.

The couch/pullout bed came with its own seatbelts so we strapped Kayla’s carseat in and away we went. Amazingly enough she slept during most of the time spent driving. And was once again an incredible traveler for such a little one. The few times she did cry Mommy could run over and nurse her while she was still strapped in. Or one of her sisters could run over to keep her entertained.


Sydney brought along her old favorite guy Ta Ta. His charm worked again on Miss Kayla. He quickly became the toy that could keep her happy and stop any tears that might be coming.


Once we pulled into the Lake City RV Park we were able to slide out the side of the RV for some extra walking space. We placed a gate over the stairs and Kayla had her own little play area. At one point the excitement became too much and she fell asleep right in the middle of the floor. We all thought this was hilarious and snapped a million pictures.


If you look closely enough you can see the cookie still grasped in her hands. I think she was saving it for a wake-up time snack.


We brought along Kayla’s little portable high chair. She and Wyatt became great pals while she was eating. She would hand Wyatt her food and he would eat it right out of her hands. Which she thought was hilarious. We often caught him trying to sneak some food off the tray as well. At least he was great at cleaning the floor off.


The reason we were in Lake City was because Daddy was running in the San Juan Solstice 50. During the race we hung out at the playground to cheer in the runners. We grabbed a nice spot under the big evergreens.


Kayla had the best time playing with Wyatt’s dog tags. He liked the attention and she liked the way they jingled.


Here is a picture of Daddy and his girls post race.


Enjoy some video the girls took while in Lake City.

The next morning we slid the RV side wall in and headed out to our next destination. More to come!