RV Trip – Ouray

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Next stop, Ouray! While living in California, Brandon and I once flew out to spend a few days in southern Colorado. One of our favorite spots during that trip was Ouray. It was and still is one of the most beautiful towns we have ever been.

Ouray is also home to its own natural hot springs so we took the opportunity to take the kids. They love being in the water. With having no body fat the warm spring water made for much happier kids. Kayla is already a water baby. This pool was especially nice because the water was spring water instead of chlorine. So Kayla was constantly seen dunking her head in for a quick drink. Mommy thought this was gross so she got banned from head dunking. But Kayla quickly figured out a work around. Just stick your hands in the water and lick them dry. Works great!

RV Trip 2010

The RV Park in Ouray was right in the middle of town. Which made walking around much easier. The park itself also had great views so the girls took turns getting their pictures taken in front of the mountains. As you can see by her smile Kayla loves being one of the big girls.

RV Trip

We were parked alongside the river so I made the girls pose riverside. Turned out great.


Enjoy some video of our time in Ouray.

We only stayed in Ouray one night before we were onto our next destination. We had too many new places to see. But it was once again worth the stop.