RV Trip – Great Sand Dunes National Park

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The next stop on the Fuller 2010 RV vacation would be to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We decided to stay at the Sand Dunes Swimming Pool & RV Park in Hooper which was about 20 minutes from the National Park. They had their own huge 100+ degree hot spring pool which we figured the kids would enjoy. Kayla once again loved the pool and the taste of the spring water. But, the water was so warm that she could only handle small doses at a time before she would start turning pink. The actual RV park mounted up to a glorified parking lot but the pool was our main purpose for the stay. We swam in the pool for a good 4 hours and then cooked a nice dinner in the RV and called it a night.

The next morning we packed up our home on wheels and made the short drive over to the Sand Dunes. These things were much larger then I had expected. You could see them for miles.


The low water flow turned out to be perfect for Kayla. It was just enough that she could crawl around and not worry about getting dunked. But still enough that she could splash around. We would plunk her down in an area with a good flow going and she was a happy baby.


Sydney would let Kayla cover her in sand and then wash it away to give her a new canvas. Syd was also in charge of making sure Kayla didn’t eat the sand but as you can see that was soon a lost cause. Sometimes you just gotta let babies be babies.


I don’t think she ate too much??


After awhile we noticed that Kayla was moving a bit slower. She had been so excited about the water that we just plunked her down in her clothes and regular diaper. Forgetting that regular diapers soak up ALL the liquid. While swim diapers only contain the solids while letting the liquids pass by. So as you can see she was getting quite the diaper butt.


Once we thought she had ingested enough sand we let her dry off baby style. Nothing like being all natural in nature. We popped up the sport umbrella and watched the two bigger girls run around and play. Kayla was in heaven getting to spend the day with her best bud Wyatt. She is enchanted by doggies right now. So its quite fitting that Doggie was her first real word.


We ate lunch under our umbrella and then Kayla, Wyatt, and I walked upstream a bit for some more water play. And that was pretty much our day. The sands dunes were a hit for even the smallest of babies.

It is probably worth noting that the hills above us were being consumed by a three week long forest fire. The day before the sky was completely blanketed with smoke as we swam in the hot springs pool. Fortunately the winds had died down for our day at the Dunes. But you were constantly reminded by the fire every time you looked up. It was cool to be so close yet be so safe.


Our video at Great Sand Dunes National Park.