Leadville Camping with the Sandovals

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Brandon was hoping to get some more high altitude running in this summer before his big race. So I thought it would be a fun idea to invite our friends the Sandovals up to Leadville for a weekend camping trip to Silver Dollar. They had never been camping as a family before so we thought we’d show them how its done Fuller style. Which means you throw everything you can fit into your truck and camp with a few little luxuries. Here is our setup.

Leadville with Sandovals

I’ll let Mr. Wyatt show you the tent set-up.

Leadville with Sandovals

We had two huge side by side campsites reserved so we were able to set up camp pretty much wherever we wanted. We also brought along our little play tent to help keep the kids entertained. Daddy hates kids playing in his tent so we were hoping this would keep everyone happy. The big kids were awesome about including Kayla in the play time. She loves being with her sisters and appreciated being included in the fun.

Leadville with Sandovals

After a bit we realized it was best to keep Kayla confined to either a tent or playpen to play. She was putting everything she could find in her mouth. And it was all pretty dirty. Sydney often volunteered to play with her baby sister. She would run around the tent and do something silly at the windows to make Kayla laugh. Kayla thought it was hilarious.

Leadville with Sandovals

This was Kayla’s first time tent camping. I had visions of sleeping in the hummer with a screaming baby Reagan so the others could sleep. Definitely not the case this time. Kayla loved being in the tent with everyone. She loved crawling around the sleeping bags. We borrowed a bassinet for her to sleep in but that didn’t work out. She ended up sleeping next to me most of the first night. So I was tired. Night two we put blankets on her therma-rest and Kayla slept awesome. I’m thinking she doesn’t like to be confined. I was woken up once in the night by Kayla crouching over me with a huge smile saying I’m ready to play Mommy. She was so happy it cracked me up. So I played with her for just a few minutes before nursing her back to sleep.

The next morning we decided to spend a few hours over at Turquoise Lake. We found a small little bay and set up a temporary camp with food and blankets. The kids ran around in the water for several hours and had a blast. Kayla spent time crawling around the beach and eating nonstop. She also got in a long well deserved nap on Mommy’s lap.

When we had enough of the lake we grabbed a quick shower at the rec center and then made a quick walk of the small downtown area. The kids were hungry so we grabbed some pizzas at High Mountain Pies so the kids could play while waiting for the food. We made it back in time for s’mores before getting to bed a bit earlier. Kayla was beat.

Another great summer weekend!

Leadville with Sandovals

A final group shot. Kayla was asleep in the truck ready to go. But she had a great time!