California Day One – San Jose Children’s Museum

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Daddy had to make a trip out to San Jose for work this week. It had been so long since the whole family was able to take the trip back to our old stomping ground. So we decided to make it a family affair for the long Labor Day weekend.

Brandon had to work the first day so Mommy took the girls to one of their favorite children’s museum in downtown San Jose. This would be Kayla’s first visit to the museum. I’m thinking she’s gonna love it.

The first big stop for Kayla was the Bob the Builder exhibit. Everything was just her size. And the floor was a soft mat perfect for crawlers. There was a tractor to drive.


And a trailer to play in with its own stairs to climb.


Next we moved onto the toddler exhibit. Everything here is for kids 5 and under. Sydney is now 7 so she was not supposed to play with anything, but instead be a “helper.” This didn’t go too well, but it was fun to make her suffer =) Kayla found this merry go round and was immediately mesmerized. It had colored lights glowing out from the center which caused the horses to reflect on the walls. She stood in here for a good twenty minutes screaming at the horses as they ran around her. It was too cute.


In the back of the exhibit we found an enclosed room reserved for crawling babies only. The big girls had to wait outside, HA! There was a carpeted ramp built up and around the room perfect for crawlers. It was great.


Around the floor our crawler could find all sorts of cubbies with goodies stuffed inside. It was great having a room built just for Kayla.


Soon I grew tired of the “Can we leave yet” cries from the two big girls. So we made our way to the final exhibit of the day, the water park. There is a roped off toddler sized area built for kids three and under. So we let the big girls loose to soak themselves while we checked out the toddler area. Kayla was getting tired at this point and wasn’t too of sure what to do with herself. She would just stand at the edge and stare at the water in a trance.


The little boys were constantly splashing her when she got too close to their toys. Which really ticked me off. So she wasn’t liking this place too much. As you can tell I very quickly decided to strip Kayla down to her diaper to avoid the wet clothes. To which I received many dirty glances from the other parents. I guess Californians don’t care too much for our Boulder hippie ways. Oh, well, too bad I didn’t care.


Soon Kayla was walking around like this… To which I cracked up. I couldn’t figure out if it was some kind of baby sign to say “Keep Away” or just way to protect herself from being splashed. Either way I found it hilarious.


By the end of our time, the mean little boys had left and Kayla was able to enjoy herself with the water. Happy to say we left with a good overall water experience.


Another great trip to the museum. Hoping that my girls don’t outgrow this one too soon. I love seeing them running around here just being kids. And I think its only fair that Miss Kayla get her years in at this fun museum.