California Day Two – Monterey Bay Aquarium

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After our day at the museum we got into the car and headed over to Monterey Bay for the weekend. Monterey has always been one of our favorite spots and the kids love it as well. We got in late but the kids were ready to explore so we did a quick hike along Cannery Row in the dark. The next morning we woke to cooler weather so we decided to spend the day at the Monterey Aquarium. This was to be Kayla’s first visit to the aquarium so we were curious to see what she thought. As hoped, she loved watching the fish swim around in front of her.


There were lots of kid friendly tanks with signs at baby level. Kayla would never tire of climbing the little stairs to the tanks and pretending to read the signs, then giggle at some fish, climb down, and start all over again.


The aquarium has a great little play area for the kids. There were whale tales made out of a cushion like material perfect for little ones. Kayla was doing awesome at practicing her walking. She could easily take a few little steps here and there. She will be walking in no time.


The big hit of the day seemed to be this water bed surrounded by a bubble wall. This area was reserved for crawlers only. Kayla loved the feel of rolling around the water bed and then relaxing against the bubble wall. From watching her you got the feeling like she thought she was such a big girl in this room.


More water time. Can’t get enough of that.


Before we left I made the gang pose for a photo. Always a great photo spot.


After the aquarium we stopped for some ice cream at Ghiradellis before taking the girls souvenir shopping. Another great day!