Our first cabin visit

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Its finally official! We are now the owners of our very own cabin in Leadville. Daddy is in Norway for business this week so Mommy had to sign her life away all by herself. But, we got it done. We couldn’t wait for Daddy to come home before we checked out our new place. So us girls decided to go up once on our own and look around. Here we are!




We have a great deck to run around on and take in the mountain views.


Upstairs we have a loft which will be converted into the play area. The girls already think its awesome that they can look down at us folks down in the family room.


While Mommy cleaned the girls had to take turns babysitting their little sister. Luckily it wasn’t too hard. Everything here is new to the girls and ready to explore.


Thats all we want to show right now. The interior needs some paint, furniture and a little work before we are ready to show more. But, we are really excited to start enjoying our new home away from home.