American Heritage Girls – Walker Ranch Field Trip

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This year we enrolled the girls into a girls troop called American Heritage Girls. We were disappointed in the way our girl scout troop worked last year so we were looking for a new girls group for this year. When a Mom at our school asked if anyone would be interested in starting an American Heritage Girls Troop at our school. After a little research we were excited to help organize the new troop. I signed on as Troop Treasurer and away we went. AHG is comparable to Girl Scouts but it must be partnered with a church. It has tons of really cool badges the girls can earn. And best of all, we have really dedicated Troop Leaders who are committed to make this troop fun.

What does this mean for Kayla. Yes, she is too young to join the troop. But, she does get to tag along with Mom to all the meetings and field trips. And, best of all get spoiled by all the little girls who LOVE babies.

Anyway, we had our first troop field trip this weekend to an old Ranch in the Boulder foothills. Three times a year volunteers get together to work the ranch as it would have been run in its day. They were all in full 1800’s wardrobe. They had a horse plowing the fields, a blacksmith making hooks, an old laundry set-up for the kids to wash socks, sausage making, log cutting, music, etc….. The girls all had a blast. My hands were full with Kayla and the other girls to get too many pictures. Shame on me. But, here are a few we did get. Hopefully the other parents will be forwarding me more soon.






Mommy was partnered with Mr. VanTol for this field trip. We were to be in charge of the Pathfinder group which we consisted of Reagan and her classmate and friend Claire. Mr VanTol had a way with babies and Kayla loves him. She was always walking to him to be held or sit in his lap. It was cute. She normally doesn’t take to men too well. There must be something special about him.