Happy Halloween

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The big day is finally here! No more, “How many more days until trick or treating?” The girls were all really excited about dressing up this year. And we were excited to introduce Kayla to this thing called Halloween. Time for the big costume reveal….Introducing Princess Snow White! We started off our day early at our annual trip to the … Read More

Second Grade Field Trip to Miller Farms

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Today Sydney’s class had their first field trip of the year and Mom got to come along as a chaperone. We were heading to Miller Farms. This would be a new place for us. We had heard of it many times but never actually made our way over. The big attraction of this farm is that they take you out … Read More

Back Home at the Cabin

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Another weekend at the cabin. We are all starting to feel at home here. At first it always felt like someone else’s home. But as we spend more time here, fix up things, bring in furniture, and just clean it feels like ours. This weekend we rented a U-Haul and brought up some furniture we had bought in previous weeks. … Read More

Pumpkin Time

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On the way home from school today we spotted a cute little pumpkin field and immediately got the itch to go pumpkin picking. We had been so busy up at the cabin for the last few weekends that we never made it the big pumpkin patch this year. But, luckily this place worked out just fine. Since it was so … Read More