Slot Car Racing

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This weekend the girls were invited to their buddy Alejandro’s 6th birthday party. He was having a party at the local slot car raceway. This would be a new adventure for the girls being that they are “girls.” But hey they were excited to give it a try.

It was hilarious. Give 10 kids a remote and tell them to “slowly” begin accelerating the car around the track. And take the curves a bit “slower” then the straightaways. Yeah right. What you instead get is 10 kids constantly crashing their cars around the curves. And parents trying to get the cars back on track WHILE their kids still have their fingers on the accelerator. I’m sure the employees were getting a kick out of watching us.



Kayla loved the cake and ice cream but wasn’t too sure about the actual time spent racing. She loved watching the cars fly by. But, she didn’t like the fact that she was getting no attention from the big kids. They were busy. So she took to trying to sabotage the cars. Just a little bite and….


Thanks to the birthday boy for the fun party. We’ll see on the track again soon!