Back Home at the Cabin

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Another weekend at the cabin. We are all starting to feel at home here. At first it always felt like someone else’s home. But as we spend more time here, fix up things, bring in furniture, and just clean it feels like ours.

This weekend we rented a U-Haul and brought up some furniture we had bought in previous weeks. Its not everything yet. We had to place it all in the basement for the time being as the house gets painted. But it felt good to be getting things together.

We walked through Frisco on the way back from buying bedroom furniture and spotted this cute little shop with handmade furniture. It was also packed with stuffed creatures. Such as an amazingly huge Moose. Which freaked Mommy out. But, we managed to grab this cute little guy. Meet the new greeter for the Fuller Cabin.


Kayla watched the girls practice reading the welcome sign and decided to give it a try as well. She would stand in front of the sign and point at the words while saying “Ba Ba Ba Ba.” You probably had to be there, but it was really cute.


Another huge accomplishment this weekend…the girls finished their “boats.” They had spent the last few weekends creating these boats, one for each girl. And finally were able to clear enough twigs and gather enough decor (otherwise known as litter) to complete their new play area. I think they did a great job! Too bad they will probably under a few feet of snow by the time we get back.