Second Grade Field Trip to Miller Farms

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Today Sydney’s class had their first field trip of the year and Mom got to come along as a chaperone. We were heading to Miller Farms. This would be a new place for us. We had heard of it many times but never actually made our way over. The big attraction of this farm is that they take you out to several of their fields and you get to pick as much as you can carry of the various vegetables.

Mom was lucky that Sydney has such a sweet teacher who offered to hold Kayla on the tractor while I ventured out into the picking fields with Sydney. I think her teacher has been to this farm about a dozen times before so the distraction was good. Not to worry, the kids showered their teacher with hand picked vegetable gifts. After a bit Kayla was needing to stretch her legs so I plopped her out in the middle of the carrot field. However, she was only interested in Mrs. Hoffman’s marker. After a bit she found her own carrot and started munching away on it instead. A bit dirty but still tasty.


During play time the big kids were off being crazy. Kayla took this chance to chase some chickens and peek through some big pipes. I think being the baby sister has some perks. Especially when it comes to field trip time.