Bounce Town

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Given any break from school I usually take the girls to Bounce Town for some fun. This was our first trip back since Kayla started walking. Last time she was a crawler and loved the feel of crawling across the various blow up toys. I thought for sure she’d love it even more now that she was walking. Uh, I … Read More

Look What I Found!!

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I was playing in my sister Reagans’ closet today and I found these awesome slippers just my size. You have never seen a baby as excited I was to see Doh (or Dora as some might say). I am quite obsessed with Dora these days. I am told this obsession is in my family genes. Reagan was kind enough to … Read More

Rock Out

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What does this baby like to listen to? How about an album cover that looks like this! Take a peek what happens when Welcome to the Family starts up! Kayla Rocks Out from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo. She is ready for the pit!