Spring Break 2011

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Today is the last day of our Spring Break. Usually we can be found playing on a beach somewhere warm but this year we decided to stay home and spend a few days at the cabin. Anything to do with the cabin is fun for the girls so while they talked about Mexico a lot, I know they enjoyed themselves. In the rush of getting out of the house I forgot to grab the camera. So no new pics but here are a few random shots of our very own Winter Wonderland taken over the last few months.






We weren’t sure what to expect weather wise for this trip given that it was almost April. We knew there would still be lots of snow up in Leadville, but what we didn’t expect were the two blizzards during the week. The first would occur on our drive up. Not too bad everywhere except around the tunnel which always gets the worst of things. Our days in Leadville were beautiful and warm (50’s) giving us a lot of snowmelt. Then just as we got into the car for the drive home the big one hit. White out conditions and ice. By the time we hit Dillon I-70 had been closed and there was no where to go. We had lunch and shopped around for a good 4 hours. Then sat in our car for another 30 minutes waiting for 70 to open up. Better then being stopped for metering on the highway in your car for hours. But, looking forward to summer traffic once again.