Mount Sanitas

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We are starting to get a few glimpses into warmer weather. So Dad thought this was a great opportunity to take his girls for a hike in Boulder. The choice for today would be Mommys’ nemesis, Mount Sanitas. We enjoyed the initial part of the climb playing with all the puppies. There were too many to count. Their owners would stop and let us play with their dog while they expressed constant concern over the fact that our dog looked like he was about to die. Poor Mr. Wyatt hung in there all day but he is definitely showing his age.

Kayla was again rode in style. She was the envy of everyone, including Mommy.


As we were nearing the top we came across a large rock formation. Kayla was now demanding to use her own legs so we unloaded and took a short break.


The big kids took this opportunity to do some rock climbing and as always Kayla had to do whatever the big girls did. She loved climbing her little rocks and was always smiling. This kid is once again an awesome hiker.



We posed for one more shot and continued onward and upward.


Soon we reached the summit. Sydney had to attend to some business so we let Kayla enjoy some summit time. She demanded we have proof of her summit for all you non-believers.



On the way down the kiddos were beginning to tire down. Sydney was having fun passing the time with small trail runs. She took one mis-step and fell down scrapping her knees. She was not alone, Dad also tumbled a couple times and banged up his arm. Yet again a perfect baby today. Kayla is definitely our trooper. A fun family adventure. Yet, Mount Sanitas remains a nemesis in Mom’s book! Until next time.