Easter 2011

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It’s Easter time once again. This year we decided to play it low key and stay home. We had a busy weekend planned with it also being Reagan’s birthday. On Saturday we hit our two local egg hunts. As always is was cold but that didn’t stop our hunters. This would be Kayla’s first Easter as a walker so I was especially excited to get her out to the egg hunts. She is really into carrying bags of “stuff” around the house so I figured this would be right up her alley.


As soon as Kayla spotted the field of eggs she was ready to go. I was soon finding it difficult to hold her back until the hunt actually started. Once the whistle blew we were off. I think she found the number of eggs a little overwhelming. She couldn’t decide whether she should pick up every egg in her little circle or roam the field. She really enjoyed watching the other kids pick up their eggs and copying what they did. All in all I think she had a lot of fun.


We have learned from previous years that any regular ole basket wouldn’t do for our first hunt. This place always had a ton of eggs for the kids to chase after and our baskets usually overflowed. This year we played it smart by bringing huge grocery bags along. This made it easier to collect lots of eggs.


This year all three girls were in different age groups for the egg hunt. We opted to stay with Kayla given this was her first time and the big girls were involved in more of a competition. It was best not to disturb them. So here is some video of Kayla at the Egg Hunt with a cameo by Reagan at the end. Sydney’s hunt was over quickly as those kids were out for blood.

Sunday morning the girls awoke to find their Easter baskets filled with goodies. Kayla found her basket hidden on her tiger chair. The Easter bunny got Kayla some of her very own “pretties” which was great because her sisters were getting tired of her breaking theirs.


The weather man predicted snow this morning so the Easter Bunny opted to hide his eggs all over the house. So the kids searched all three floors for hidden bunny surprises. As always the egg hunt was the best part of the day.

Video of the action…