A Visit with Papa Coburn

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Papa Coburn was here for a visit over the last weekend. And boy were the girls counting down the days until he got here. While the big girls were at school Mom and Kayla went to pick up Papa at the airport. Papa no soon as got into the car and Kayla started crying. Who is this man and why … Read More

Boulder Samba

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Tonight we were invited down to Pearl Street Mall to watch our friend Robert play with his school of Samba mates. Robert was in the back of the band with a larger drum so you can’t see him here in this video. We are still learning…Anyway, how did the crowd enjoy the Samba music. Let’s just see. Boulder Samba from … Read More

Reagan’s Birthday Party

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Today was Reagan’s birthday party at their old gymnastics school. We took this past year off to give Mom and baby Kayla a break from all the running. Kayla was allowed to attend the whole party with Reagan and her friends. So we were anxious to see what she thought of this gymnastic thing. Right away she followed along with … Read More