Reagan’s Birthday Party

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Today was Reagan’s birthday party at their old gymnastics school. We took this past year off to give Mom and baby Kayla a break from all the running. Kayla was allowed to attend the whole party with Reagan and her friends. So we were anxious to see what she thought of this gymnastic thing.

Right away she followed along with the routine. She stretched with the big kids.


She ran through the circuit with the big kids. And especially loved the rope swing.


Next it was time for the parachute. What did Kayla think of all that craziness? She LOVED it. You are technically supposed to take turns by what color you are holding. But since Kayla doesn’t know her colors she just went on every color. She ran through the bubbles, climbed the mountain, and ran underneath. As long as it was with the parachute she was up for the challenge.



I think its safe to say that Miss Kayla will definitely be following in her sisters footprints when it comes to gymnastics. Get ready, classes start in just 3 short months!