My First Day of School

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Kayla has officially made it to the big times. As in today Kayla had her first day of school. She is enrolled in Moms Day Out two days per week. She got to go to Target and pick out her very own backpack. Dora of course.

Summer 2011

Her sisters started school the week earlier which she definitely didn’t like. Not because her sisters were gone. But because she couldn’t go too. Every morning Kayla would grab her Dora snack bag as the big girls headed out the door. Mommy would tell her no and take the pack away. And the tears started immediately. But not anymore. Today the pack is in hand and away we go with one super excited baby.

Summer 2011Summer 2011

I made sure to sneak a peek in at Kayla on her first day. Just to make sure there were no water works. Happy to say she was happy and never looked back as Mommy said goodbye. She’s a big girl now.

Summer 2011