Fall at Sunflower Farm

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There was no school today but the girls couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing their new school friends. So we decided to join a bunch of kids at Sunflower Farm for a fun play day together. This farm is always a favorite of ours and we haven’t been in a while so it sounded like a fun time. I think this might have been Kayla’s first time at the farm. Or at least the first time walking. While the girls waited in line for the zip line, Kayla and I spent some time with the farms more cuddly residents.


Next we met up with a bunch of friends on the big haystack. They played here for a good hour. I don’t really get the lure of the haystack but I could definitely be over the age limit on this one.


Next up, the house of corn. What’s that? Just what it sounds like. A small house filled with corn. This is usually a big hit of the littler ones as it is one step up from a cool sandbox. The big girls did a great job of playing along with Kayla on this one.



This place has the coolest tree house configuration ever. They have lots of bridges, platforms, slides, etc., all built around the huge cottonwood trees on the property.


We had perfect fall weather for our adventure today. It was great of our classmates to invite us to the play time. We even got to pick out our own pumpkins on the way out. Always a fun time at Sunflower Farm.