Thanksgiving in the Fort

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This year we decided to change things up for the holiday season. We are wanting to take a longer family vacation but are restricted by school breaks. The only two week break we get is Christmas but we usually spend that in the Fort. Well, not anymore. We have made the decision to switch things up. From now on Thanksgiving is in Fort Wayne and Christmas is hopefully on a beach somewhere. Anyway, we arrived in Fort Wayne for the week and Kayla wasted no time warming up to her grandparents for some cuddle time.




Unfortunately for everyone, Grandma Lasley was in the hospital and eventually passed away during our visit. So we weren’t able to get the kids and Grandma and Grandpa Coburn together too much. But, when we were together we made the most of it and just piled on.


Kayla also had the extreme pleasure of really getting to know her cousin Sophie. They are just a few months apart in age but until now have been too little to really play. Not an issue anymore. They made great friends fast.


Kayla was so happy with her new friend that she couldn’t keep her hands off of her.


Since we weren’t coming back for Christmas a couple of the grandparents had presents ready for the girls to open. Kayla LOVED this. She is really beginning to love princesses, funny how that happens to a girl all of a sudden. So she was super excited with even the smallest of princesses.


Nana and Papa decided to get this guy for Daddys’ birthday present. The girls had a blast floating him around their house for a few days.


As a special treat on our last night Nana and Papa treated everyone to a special meal at the Japanese Steakhouse. Kayla loved watching the chefs prepare the meal. While Mom and Sydney loved EATING the meal.


Towards the end of the trip Reagan lost her first tooth. We were all screaming and giving her lots of attention and taking pictures of her mouth. Copy cat that she is, Kayla demanded mouth shots too. So, here you are. Look at me!