Spring Break 2012: Universal Studios – Day 3

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We have these 5 day CityPass tickets for our trip so the next destination on the docket was Universal Studios. A different vibe than Disney for sure but Kayla likes a lot of the characters there so we thought that would be a big hit. Unfortunately, she has become afraid of anyone in a non-human costume. They all make her freeze up and become moderately scary. I blame the gorilla at Casa Bonita.

So the first big visit was her favorite guy…Curious George. But even though she knows he is a “nice ah ah”, she wasn’t interested in being close to him for too long. You never know what that monkey might do.

Universal Studios - Day 3

But Curious George had a new attraction there which she really enjoyed. It had a water playground but the thing that really grabbed all our kid’s attention was this indoor ball room place. Kind of hard to describe. It was this indoor 2 story building that had thousands of foam balls scattered. There were buckets all over the place you could grab. And there were tubes and guns and vacuums and more that were all air-powered. You could fill your bucket, then use it to fill up a gun, then shoot balls around the venue. It captured Kayla’s attention for hours as we visited it multiple times during the day.

Universal Studios - Day 3

Although we never got to see Dora, we did run into her cousin, Diego! She wasn’t too scared of him. Vaguely resembles a human so he is tolerable.

Universal Studios - Day 3

We called it a night a little earlier. There is much more to do in the morning!