Memorial Day in Leadville

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We decided to spend Memorial Day weekend up in Leadville. It was a little cool but a nice relaxing weekend for the most part. This would be our first time where we allowed the girls to bring a friend. Our car has only one extra seat so this time was Helene’s turn. Kayla is a 100% outdoors girl so we … Read More

Ladybug Girl

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Kayla has been really into ladybugs this year. We have an old ladybug habitat that she carries around asking for bugs to place inside. So this week we were at the local plant nursery. At the checkout we spotted bags of 2000 ladybugs. We had bought these in the past when Sydney and Reagan were little to release into our … Read More

Schools Out for Summer

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Today was Kayla’s last day of school for the year. She is really going to miss school over the summer. It was her favorite day of the week. Mom is going to miss it too. Her teachers held a little picnic at the end of the day. It was such a nice day. We ate a small picnic lunch outside … Read More

Field Day 2012 Cheering Squad

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Today was the much anticipated field day for RMCA. While Kayla is too young to participate just yet. She was the perfect age for cheering on her big sisters. When Reagan was disqualified on one of her events Kayla was fast to put her in her place. The afternoon was mostly relay races between grades. Which was pretty boring for … Read More

Grandpa Visits and RMCA Day

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Grandpa Coburn is here again for his annual visit. We started the visit out with some good ole fashion playground time. The girls are always happy to have someone new to show off their abilities to. And Grandpa is more then happy to give them their due “Oohs and Aahs.” Papa, Papa, look at me! The main reason for the … Read More