Ladybug Girl

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Kayla has been really into ladybugs this year. We have an old ladybug habitat that she carries around asking for bugs to place inside. So this week we were at the local plant nursery. At the checkout we spotted bags of 2000 ladybugs. We had bought these in the past when Sydney and Reagan were little to release into our yard. They are natures own pest control after all. So we thought it was only appropriate that Kayla had her own turn.

You aren’t supposed to release the ladybugs until the evening when its not so hot. This is to help the chance that they might stay in your yard. This concept was extremely hard for Kayla to grasp. She wanted her bugs. But, this did give her time to carry around the bag and just look at them.

When they first started crawling out of the bag she was a little unsure. She loved these bugs but they were crawling all over her. Is this right?


But, soon she was all giggles and smiles. Showing anyone that would look that she had bugs on her.


She did prefer to have just one or two ladybugs on her at a time. So we stuck to this routine. We placed the bag in our rose bushes and she would hold her hand out until a couple crawled on her. She then laughed and watched the bug until it flew away. Then repeat.


We were able to get a few bugs into her ladybug habitat. She slept with the habitat and bugs in her room for two nights. She even took them to school to show her friends in class. She would’t let them out of her sight. Even held them during the car ride. But, alas we had to let them go. Sad times but at least she got her bug fix.