Memorial Day in Leadville

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We decided to spend Memorial Day weekend up in Leadville. It was a little cool but a nice relaxing weekend for the most part. This would be our first time where we allowed the girls to bring a friend. Our car has only one extra seat so this time was Helene’s turn. Kayla is a 100% outdoors girl so we wanted to get her out to the lake to run around. Spring time at the lake is so weird. It is filled throughout the spring with snow melt. Its usually not until sometime in mid June until the lake is full. Until then its a weird moon like environment with streams flowing and filling the crater. You literally get to walk along the bottom of the lake. As the streams fill the lake bottom various small “islands” are formed. All of which make perfect exploration time for the kiddos.



Kayla has been in an anti-Daddy mode lately. Not because she hates Daddy but because she wants Mommy ALL the time. So it was quite refreshing for both Mom and Dad when she was bonding with Dad today. He was great at taking her across the streams to follow the big girls around. Mom is too smart for this, but Dad can be talked into anything.


As we made our way deeper into the lake crater Kayla was finding it difficult to walk too fast on the loose rock bottom. No problem, up on Daddy’s shoulders is the best way to travel.


After a bit the rock bottom was becoming more manageable and Kayla wasted no time walking on her own. She wants to be a big girl. Her goal was this “mountain” that the big girls were climbing. This kid is determined not to be babied.


I will climb this thing on my own!


We reached a point with several small “islands” being formed by the incoming streams. Sydney offered to walk Kayla across the streams to the islands. This one was dubbed Kayla’s Island. Syd is such a good big sister! We spent a good 20-30 minutes here at the islands just throwing “big” rocks into the streams. Kayla couldn’t get enough of this. We had to literally drag her away from the rocks. I couldn’t tell her that her little islands will soon be gone.


When we got back to the cabin Dad starting working on getting the summer toys up. This included the swing and hammock which are favorites. Mom got to work on Kayla’s chair. This thing was love at first sight. Kayla demanded to be served lunch out on her chair. I can’t blame her. It is pretty darn cute.


Just as we were heading in our buddy came around for his nightly scavenge through the yard. We had missed him over the winter. Good to see he’s made it back home.


Before heading home Monday afternoon we took a minute to be with Wyatt. His health was heading down hill all weekend and we had a feeling this would be his last weekend up at his beloved cabin. Sad to say this was true. But, at least he went out with a bang. He loved this place and we are so happy he got to be here for a couple of years with us. He would roam his property several times and day and enjoy all the smells it had to offer. You were the BEST dog ever. You are so missed.