2012 AHG Camping

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This weekend was the much anticipated American Heritage Girls Troop CO3125 camping trip. This year we were camping at Rocky Mountain National Park. We have been to the park several times but never camped here so we were all really looking forward to the fun. Another first would be camping in our new giant tent. We had outgrown our previous … Read More

Visit with Grandma and the Boys

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This week we were all really excited to have some visitors from Indiana for a week. Grandma Hakes was coming in town for her annual summer trip. And to our surprise she had some guests, Christian and Jonny. These kids only get to see each other once or twice a year. But, when they are together its like they see … Read More

Glenwood Caverns

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We made a stop at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park on the way back from Ouray. Probably our 3rd time there and the kids really enjoy it. Last time, we skipped the caves but this time the kids were interested in seeing what its like in a mountain instead of on one. Kayla’s favorite ride was the choo-choo and then the … Read More

Box Canyon Falls

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Kayla was very curious about what this was but was pretty freaked out by the metal grated floor. You can see down through it! Who left their kid down there? Kayla has a new “I am cute” look. How about a family shot? Upstairs, anyone? Tunnel? Part of the Hardrock 100 course.