Visit with Grandma and the Boys

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This week we were all really excited to have some visitors from Indiana for a week. Grandma Hakes was coming in town for her annual summer trip. And to our surprise she had some guests, Christian and Jonny. These kids only get to see each other once or twice a year. But, when they are together its like they see each other all the time. They all get along amazingly well. Its a shame they don’t live in Colorado. The first half of the visit we was spent in Leadville. These boys never get to see any mountains so we headed up for some altitude. As always, the kids had a great time just playing around in the yard.


Kayla fell in love with Jonny upon first site. I guess its true that he knows how to charm the ladies. Looks like he’s not even trying.


We decided to try a first for us in Leadville. Its hard to believe we’ve gone so long without taking a ride on this thing. It seems to be a well known Leadville attraction.


The ride takes you to Climax mine and back. They have nice open air cars to take in the views along the way.



The ride took a couple of hours. Nice and relaxing for most. But, these kids took the time to get some good ole cousin goof time in.



On the return trip the train takes a stop at an old water tower. At this time the train caboose and engine open for tours. The kids all thought this was pretty cool. They took several trips running back and forth between the two cars.


We even had some time to check out the tracks.


I soon found out that 5 kids is ALOT of kids. There has to be a way to get rid of a few, right?


Poor Ariel! You will be missed.


On the next day we took the kids to see what a mountain lake is like. No warm water jet skiing here. I think they still had a good time. There was sand and great mountain views, how can you not.


Kayla was all about Ariel this weekend. She is the favorite princess right now. And what makes Ariel even more exciting is the fact that she is a mermaid and can get wet. So fun at Turquoise Lake.


Here is Kayla’s sand creation.


Its always so fun to hang out with these guys. Especially on our home turf.


On the drive back to Longmont a detour was made on Grandma’s request. She just had to take her girls to the beloved American Girl Doll Store. Sydney and Reagan had been saving their allowance for a second doll with the hopes that Grandma might chip in a little. But, to their surprise Grandma bought the dolls for them completely. A special gift since she doesn’t get to spoil them much. Needless to say Grandma got lots of hugs for that one.


In Longmont we were invited to a party at Rope World. This takes place in a local school gymnasium. The teacher there had a vision that he was able to make a reality. Its only open a few weeks a year and we were lucky the boys were in town to enjoy this Longmont tradition. The instructor put Kayla on this zip line. I was a bit worried but he insisted I trust him. He was right. The kid figured out how to do it all on her own. It was hilarious. She is going to be crazy when she gets older!