2012 AHG Camping

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This weekend was the much anticipated American Heritage Girls Troop CO3125 camping trip. This year we were camping at Rocky Mountain National Park. We have been to the park several times but never camped here so we were all really looking forward to the fun. Another first would be camping in our new giant tent. We had outgrown our previous 4 person tent with the addition of Kayla so this time we decided to go BIG! We can actually stand in this one and walk around. Mom and Dad even splurged and bought cots for the adults. No more sleeping on the floor. We LOVED it. We can handle this style of camping.


Although Kayla is not old enough yet to be an American Heritage Girl she was able to come along as this is billed as a family event. She is the princess of the troop and is spoiled by all the older girls. She loves the attention as you can tell.

AHG Campout 2012

Saturday morning the first event of the day would be a group hike. We were blessed with beautiful weather in our National Park.

AHG Campout 2012

We often took small breaks along the way. After all it was a long hike for one so little. The smaller girls often hung out too. Happy to say though that spirits were high most of the time.


During our troop hike Kayla was starting to get a little tired. I decided to hang back with her and Reagan and enjoy a quite picnic in the woods. That is until this little guy showed up. He took no shame in running right up to our food and stealing pieces for himself. Kayla thought it was hilarious at first until he started going after her chips. Then the fury kicked in.

AHG Campout 2012

The rest of the day was packed full of events for the bigger girls. By the end of the night Kayla was exhausted. We were heading to the nights Ranger talk and swearing in ceremony when Kayla finally had her break down. Daddy was all over the situation and got Kayla to finally fall asleep on his lap.

AHG Campout 2012

Kayla was a great camper. I have no complaints on this little one. By the time she hits AHG she will be ready to show them all how its done. Can’t wait!