Happy 3rd Birthday

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Another year gone by! With Kayla, Kim and I have the bittersweet sensation that we are done with that age now as Kayla passes through it. Kayla kept reminding us about her birthday for weeks saying “its my birthday!”. I don’t think she knew what it was but it sure sounded neat. The big question is always about what type of birthday you want. The choice was easy for Kayla: Ariel!

Kayla's 3rd Birthday

Kim handles the gifts normally but I was in the mood to get Kayla some wheels. So we took her to the store and let her choose from between 20 different models of power wheels. The Barbie car won easy. “I want the bar-bee caar”, she said. Done. She can reach the pedals but she can’t steer worth a damn.

Kayla's 3rd Birthday

We had a group of friends over for the party. Cake, presents, and more!

Kayla's 3rd Birthday

A little video of the day.

We love you Kayla. The terrible 2s weren’t so terrible with you. Looking forward to see how you grow through the 3s!