Halloween 2012

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Its Halloween and the costume of 2012 is…. The costume choice this year was a close one. We were down to the wire between Brave and Ariel. Ariel won the Boo at the Zoo award. But, Brave took the big night. As is tradition we had the Sandovals over for trick or treating. Minus one Ale that is. He was … Read More

Boo at the Zoo

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Another Halloween means another year of Boo at the Denver Zoo. Its always a packed day but the kids absolutely love it so we go every year. Kayla is right at that perfect age where seeing the animals is super exciting still. So it was especially fun this year. Boo! And the animal pic of the day…

Anderson Farms

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Today our AHG troop had a field trip to a local farm called Anderson Farms. It is a great place to spend a fall day as they are all decked out for the Fall Festival Activities. We started our day with a hay ride around the farm. This was billed as a family event which meant Kayla could come to. … Read More

Nana and Papa Visit

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The kids had a 5 day weekend from school so we called in some troops for a Colorado visit. Nana loves pumpkin season so we thought it fitting to take her to the craziest pumpkin patch in Colorado. Pumpkins came early this year so there wasn’t much to choose from. But, we were able to find a few good ones.

Not The Favorite

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Kayla likes to be read books before bed. Sometimes Sydney does it. Sometimes I do it. But mostly Mom is selected to do it. Not sure what I did wrong. Tonight I asked and she said “No, Mommy do it”. OK. So I went in when they were in reading and the reading was halted. I was told to leave … Read More