Time For A Blue Run

By BrandonA Day in the Life2 Comments

Kayla was ready to hit the slopes again yesterday. However, when we got there, something seemed off. She was tired for one. This probably won’t go well. The hardest part about skiing with kids is getting from the car onto the lift for the first time. After that, gravity and the lifts do most of the work. Prior, it can be a slog to get all the bodies and equipment in the right spot. So as we tried to make our way to the lift, Kayla was not making it. So I tried to pick her up in one arm with 2 sets of skis on the other. Nope. Um…I put her on her skis and drug her along by having her hold my pole. Brilliant…until it got really light weight? I turn around and she had let go and she is going backwards down the hill out towards the parking lot. Damn it. She was bawling. She was yelling that she wanted to go home. Everyone was looking at me. Mostly with that “I have been there” face as many parents were in the crowd.

We ended up going over to the magic carpet lift because I thought that would be a fun change after that mess. So we just jumped on without skis and rode up taking. It seemed good. Then at the top I told her she had to jump off to the right and then we would saddle up. Turns out she doesn’t really know rights and lefts and she jumps off to the left. I overreact and keep on moving as I am holding all the gear. She freaks and jumps back on the carpet. Her feet hit the moving belt and she goes down backwards on this conveyor belt of sorts. At the end it goes into a bit of a hole where the belt doubles over for the return. Death awaits.

The lift guy is over helping some other kids out but sees this and knows that his job is at this hole first and foremost. I am still trying to get back over to her as she moves away from me. He runs and scoops her up and places her safely over by me. She is silent. Then blows up crying. Again. Oh man. The guy apologizes. I was in a haze. Did that just all happen? We ski down to the bottom and she is paralyzed in fear about the prospect of riding that carpet again. Off to the big lifts I guess….

She got a few runs in today. Lots of fresh powder made it harder to ski for her but she did great. I just had to keep steering her out of it. The final run of the day is captured in that video above. Busting down a Blue run with her sisters flanking. That’s Kayla’s favorite way to ski!