Fall Soccer 2016

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What a season! Soccer clubs nationwide moved to birth years for teams this year so Kayla was forced to find a new team. Luckily, she found a perfect fit! She was put on a team that turned out to have the Dad of girl in her first grade class as a coach. The girls became friends at soccer and at … Read More

Mother of Geckos

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After the big sisters got new pets, Kayla got a fish. That only lasted so long. Fish can get boring quick. On a visit to Fort Wayne, Cousin Ryan introduced geckos. He raises them and explained the care of them. Kim and I both had iguanas back in high school so there is some reptile experience. We found a good … Read More

Back to School – 1st Grade

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And with that, summer ends. School begins. Big changes for Kayla as she goes into first grade at a new school. But now being at the same spot as her older sisters, somehow makes things a little bit better. We are excited to see how this change works out. The traditional silly picture. Together again at the same school. Probably … Read More

Avid 4 Adventure Camp

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Time for camp! A full week including a variety of sports. Kayla is at a ripe age for going and learning a lot of skills — canoes, kayaks, hiking, mountain biking, and more! When she is with me, she never paddles.  Hmmm.  Looks like a great day on the water. I don’t think that is what the mats are for!  … Read More