Cut It

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Kayla was born with her tongue connected too tightly. It has affected her speech but the experts we talked with said it was ok. She recently was at the dentist and they said it is now pulling her gums down off the teeth because it was too tight. So we made the appointment and got it fixed. She can now … Read More

Kindergarten Graduation

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This was kind of a big deal. We have had 3 kids go through RMCA’s kindergarten program now. This was our last hurrah with the school that has treated our kids so well over the years. Sad to be parting ways but excited about the future to come for Kayla. This kindergarten class was really great and was led by … Read More

Bite Me

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This is what happened… Reagan and Kayla fighting in the back seat. Reagan hits Kayla. Kayla bites Reagan’s arm. Reagan rips her arm back while in Kayla’s mouth. Tooth comes flying out! It was loose anyway. Nothing like a good fight to get it all the way out. There will be blood.