Fall Soccer 2016

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Soccer Fall 2016

What a season!

Soccer clubs nationwide moved to birth years for teams this year so Kayla was forced to find a new team. Luckily, she found a perfect fit! She was put on a team that turned out to have the Dad of girl in her first grade class as a coach. The girls became friends at soccer and at school. And the coach was terrific!

They really had fun at practices and at the games. The captain changed each week and with it brought the big responsibility of naming the team for the week. Each kid picked something crazy with multiple words.

Kayla has several goals over the course of the season. Sometimes multiple in one game. We lost track. However, we did find her being less aggressive this season that in the past.

All in all the team ended up winning every game they played! Even the final weekend where they played 2 games back to back and had the record on the line. There are no real standings at this age level but when you win all your games to go undefeated…that is pretty cool!

Kayla will be back on the field in the spring with the same team trying to keep that record alive.

I do feel like the bad dad at the moment for not posting tons of pictures but it was just soccer every weekend. Maybe in the spring I will be a better historian.