Kindergarten Graduation

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This was kind of a big deal. We have had 3 kids go through RMCA’s kindergarten program now. This was our last hurrah with the school that has treated our kids so well over the years. Sad to be parting ways but excited about the future to come for Kayla. This kindergarten class was really great and was led by … Read More

My First Soccer Game

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After going to more soccer games that she can count, Kayla decided that it was her turn this season. “I want to play in games too”, she said. So we signed her up. The play 3 on 3. Co-ed. No goalie. I will have to video one of the games. “Herding cats” or similar analogies come to mind. The kids … Read More

Somethin’s Fishy

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The pet explosion continues!  Kayla wanted into the “I want my own pet” game so there was only one choice for a 5 year old.  Fish!  Well, 1 fish.  She got a beta in this tank.  But to spice it up, there are also 3 little frogs too.  She was very excited to get this put together.  Now, the downside … Read More

Happy 3rd Birthday

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Another year gone by! With Kayla, Kim and I have the bittersweet sensation that we are done with that age now as Kayla passes through it. Kayla kept reminding us about her birthday for weeks saying “its my birthday!”. I don’t think she knew what it was but it sure sounded neat. The big question is always about what type … Read More