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Its been a month in the making it seems. Our kids are usually walking by age 1 but Kayla is held a lot by her sisters so she doesn’t have to use those feet too much. We kept taking video of her progression. I was behind and hadn’t gotten it posted as it happened. So now since she is walking … Read More

My First Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday! Its my First Birthday! Happy Birthday to me! We has some cupcakes and some (re)gifting. Hoping to have a bigger party soon with lots of folks included! Kayla Turns 1 from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Stair Master

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Kayla has recently mastered going up the stairs. Mommy left Dad in charge for a few minutes and came home to find Kayla going up then stairs. So now that means its gate time. Because while she has mastered the going up part. She has yet to figure out the going down part.

Kayla Stands

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Wow, look at me. I can stand! Well, for a few minutes at least. I’m not quite strong enough to pull myself up to a stand. But, you stand me up to something and I can hold on tight. I’m only getting stronger. Here is some video of the big moment. Kayla Stands from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.