My Two First Teeth

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Right before we headed off to Hawaii in April Kayla’s first two teeth began to sprout. Until now they have been too low to really show up in pictures. But, today Kayla was in a mood to show them off. She also is in the midst of her first cold so you’ll have to ignore the messy nose.

Scooting Around

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No, I can’t crawl yet. But I have figured out how to get around by pushing myself backwards. While this does get me somewhat mobile it does have its disadvantages. Especially when one accidentally pushes ones self under various cabinets. And since I can only move backwards that would mean that I am now stuck. Never fear, a few screams … Read More

Six Months Old

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Kayla turned six months old, about a month ago, so we had her picture taken again for our hall of babies. As you can tell we have been on a bit of a hiatus on posts lately. The third child always gets jilted. But actually it was because my ability to post pictures online was broken for a bit. So … Read More

Right Side Up

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Kayla first rolled from her belly to her back over our trip to Indiana. Nobody but Kim and I saw it and I didn’t get any video. We tried again several times since then but it was almost like Kayla said, “Hey, if you don’t want to record this, then I won’t do it again.” Well, she forgot and was … Read More