Aunt Natalee

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I have a visitor! I am excited to see new faces and show them all my new tricks. I like when Natalee holds me — even if she is playing Mario.

Monkey Christmas

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There always seems to be a theme with Nana. So this year it was the Sock Monkey. Matching monkey hats with Natalee! Oh, yeah — nice to meet you Aunt Natalee. In case you didn’t get the memo, I am the new Sheriff in town. Name’s Kayla. And a matching Sock Monkey jack-in-the-box. Kayla wasn’t startled by the surprise of … Read More


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Kayla made her 2nd visit to Indiana in October to attend the funeral of Grandpa Hakes, whom she had just met a week prior. He will be missed. On the bright side, she had an opportunity to meet Mimi, her Great Grandmother. Mimi just celebrated her 90th birthday this month. It was very exciting for her to see this new … Read More

Kayla Meets Papa

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Since Papa Hakes is unable to make the trip out to Colorado we made the last minute decision to come to Fort Wayne for the big introductions. With Kayla approaching two months old I figured she was old enough for the flight to Fort Wayne. I made the call to tell Papa we were on our way and he was … Read More

Watch Me Sleep

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Kayla had her first babysitter today! While Kim and I had to take the kids to Back to School night, Nana stepped in and watched Kayla for a few hours. Kayla even downed a whole bottle as a substitute for momma. For the rest of the visit, Kayla mostly slept. That’s what you do when you are just days old … Read More