Happy 6th Birthday

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Who’s 6? Kayla! The suspense of getting to her birthday was killing her. She reminded us everyday that it was coming up. Funny thing was, we had to fake her birthday this year. Kayla was headed out to Indiana during her birthday and we thought it was a bit weird. So we pretended her birthday was the week prior. We … Read More

Happy 4th Birthday

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The big day arrived! We had been counting down this birthday for quite a few days. Kayla wanted her birthday at her favorite place, the cabin! So we toted some gifts up here and made a celebration of it in Leadville. Lots of fun toys including building blocks, some dolls, and a new balance bike. A pinata from Nana and … Read More

Happy 3rd Birthday

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Another year gone by! With Kayla, Kim and I have the bittersweet sensation that we are done with that age now as Kayla passes through it. Kayla kept reminding us about her birthday for weeks saying “its my birthday!”. I don’t think she knew what it was but it sure sounded neat. The big question is always about what type … Read More

My First Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday! Its my First Birthday! Happy Birthday to me! We has some cupcakes and some (re)gifting. Hoping to have a bigger party soon with lots of folks included! Kayla Turns 1 from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.

Sisters Unite

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We were excited to go and get the girls today to come meet their new sister. Sydney is staying with her best friend, who was gone at camp most of the day, so when I arrived to take her to see the new baby, she wasn’t so excited. They had BFF stuff to do I guess. We talked her into … Read More