Oahu 2010

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We are back home after 3 plane flights. The girls all did great on the trip! Here is a slideshow of all the photos — with some you haven’t seen. Planning for Spring Break 2011 started already…wonder where to next!

Oahu – Day 7

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I am on a boat! Asleep…but it still counts! While eating our lunch on the boat, a big 30+ person party of elderly Japanese tourists all in matching orange hats started making a fuss over Kayla. They took her from Kim at one point and started passing her around and taking photos with her. As if she was the princess … Read More

Oahu – Day 6

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We decided to head back to our favorite beach spot for one last long full day there. We rented our usual spot again. Minutes into the stay, Kayla laid claim to chair #1 for her siesta by the ocean. That nap was so good she slept right through a huge crap that leaked out of her diaper. We cleaned her … Read More

Oahu – Day 5

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We spent the day up on the North Shore of Oahu. It was rainy and the car ride put Kayla right to sleep. Good rest day for her. Later, we hiked into Waimea Valley for a swim and a foliage tour. Here is a group shot of Kayla’s crew! I kept the baby dry by wrapping her in plastic with … Read More

Oahu – Day 4

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After a good review the other day, we headed back down to Kuhio Beach Park for more sun and surf. We rented a set of chair and an umbrella again to setup a fort for baby. You gotta watch her every second now. She is on her back. Then on her belly. Then rolling towards the edge of whatever she … Read More