Oahu – Day 3

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Hanauma Bay is a classic destination on Oahu. So we headed over there for the day. Kayla spent most of the day on shore asleep while Kim and I took turns snorkeling with the older kids. I did a good job making forts all day to keep the hot hot sun off the baby for the several hours we spent … Read More

Oahu – Day 2

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Kayla always is a sucker for Mom but her sisters are pretty cool too. She enjoys when they give her attention or pretend she is older like they are and she can hang out with them. Here is the crew in the morning after waking up. Back to the beach! We moved down to the public beach today and decided … Read More

Oahu – Day 1

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Given the constraints of the older siblings, Kayla’s vacation schedule revolved around Spring Break. We were not so keen on taking a baby out of the country so we went as far south as we can within the United States — Hawaii! Waikiki Beach to be exact. What a great place for a baby to get her beach introduction. It … Read More